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I am interested in aquiring art in the following catagories:

PLEASE *EMAIL* me if you have ANYTHING I might be interested in! THANKS!

Illustration---Fantasy---Comic Book---Comic Strip---Pin-up---Pulp

Here are just a few of the artists I am actively looking for are:


Franklin Booth, Joseph Clement Coll, Willy Pogany, Charles Dana Gibson, James Montgomery Flagg, Gustave Dore', Heinrich Kley, Mead Schaeffer, Dean Cornwell, Howard Chandler Christy, John R. Neill, W.T. Benda, Theodore Geisel, Charles Addams, John Flanagan, Norman Lindsay, NC Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Harvey Dunn, Gruger, Norman Price, Norman Rockwell, EW Kemble, Etc.


Jeff Jones, Vaughn Bode', W.M. Stout, Frank Frazetta, Froud, Alan Lee, Tom Canty, Etc.

Comic Book:

Bernie Wrightson, Frank Miller, Barry Windsor Smith, Micheal Kaluta, Neal Adams, Todd McFarlane, Steve Ditko, Bill Everett, Lou Fine, L.B. Cole, Jim Steranko, Graham Ingels, Sam Keith, Basil Wolverton, Infantino,Joe Kubert, Bill Elder,Wally Wood, John Buscema, John Byrne, Walt Simonson, Jim Starlin, Mike Ploog, Will Eisner, Matt Baker, Robert Crumb, Richard Corben Etc.

Comic Strip:

Alex Raymond, Winsor McKay, George Herriman, Dick Calkins, Hal Foster, Hogarth, Milt Caniff, Frank Godwin, Bud Fisher, Harold Gray, Chester Gould, Etc.


Alberto Vargas, George Petty, Elvgren, Olivia, Moran, Ward, Etc.


Virgil Finlay, Hannes Bok, Frank R. Paul, Etc.


I am looking for the following books that fall into these catagories:

Poor to Mint condition, Also the books should be unrestored, tape repairs, color touch, glue, pieces missing, all decrease the amount of interest I might have in an item. Ultimately the PRICE is the deciding factor. I am also interested in buying coverless copies and covers of these books. BUT I will not buy any book that is brittle- covers, pages, edges anything. I will pay between 20% - 700% of current overstreet guide for the comics on this list. I am interested in just about any pre- 1955 comic book except Dells and Classics illo.I am especially intrested in DC, TIMELY, FOX, NEDOR, HOLYOKE, QUALITY, PRE-CODE HORROR , ROMANCE CRIME and GOOD GIRL..... What have you got?

Ace Comics #11

Action comics #1-20

Adventure #40-100

Adventures into Darkness #5,#7 (all)

Adventures into Terror #7, #15 (all)

Adventures into Weird Worlds #3, 26, 27 (all)

Air Ace #9, 2/2

Air Fighters #2, 2/2 (all)

All American #16-103 All Great 13 All Negro Comics #1 All New Comics #7 - 11, 13

All Star #1-57

All Tops 8-18

All True crime 27 Amazing Adventures (ZD) 1 -6 Amazing Detective 13 Amazing Man #22 (all) Amazing Mysteries #32 , 33 American Airforces #2

Americas Best #3,#7, #18 (all) Arrow 1-3 Astonishing #3, 4, 6 - 8, 30, 34 (all) Atomic comics 1-4 Authentic Police Cases6,18 Baffling 23 Banner 5 Battle Action #7 Beware 10 (Frazetta) Beware Terror Tales All Big Shot (Hitler cvrs only) Black Cat 45,50 Black Terror 1-13

Blue Beetle (ALL) Blue Bolt 1,3,7,8

Blue Ribbon #4 , #9, #16 (all) Bold Stories 1,2 Bomber Comics 2,4 Boy 3,4,7,9-12,26 Brenda Starr 14(2),4 Brick Bradford 6 Captain Aero 9,12,16,(26 3x guide any grade)

Captain America #1-78

Captain Flight 3,5,(11 3x guide any grade) Captain Science 1-5

Catman 4,6,9-12,(13 5x guide any grade), 15-19, (20 5x guide any grade) 26,27,31
Champion 8-10 Chilling Tales13-17 Choice 3 Clair Voyant 2-5 Clean Fun Clue 7,2/2,2/3 Contact (12 3x guide any grade)

Crackajack Funnies #25

Crack Comics #1,27

Crash Comics #4 & #5 1st Catman, and cover

Crime and Justice 7,13,14 Crime Does Not Pay 24 2x guide,33,43 Crime Fighters 3 Crime Mysteries 4,15 Crime Reporter 1-3 Crimes by Women 6,10 Crime must pay the penalty 20 Crime Smashers 1 Any crime related titles if they are of the Pre -Code variety Crown 5,6,7 Crusader From Mars

Daredevil #1,11,27 (40's)

Daring Love 1 Dark Mysteries all

Detective #27-38,40,58,66,140,142,168,233 any grade including incomplete copies

Dollman #8 ,37 Dynamic (8,11 2x guide any grade),12,13

Exciting Comics #9-12,14-17,20-23,24-29,31-33,35,38,(39 3x guide any grade)

Exciting War 6 Exposed 2 Famous Crimes 1,2

Fantastic Comics #1-7

Fantastic Fears5,6 Farmers Daughter 1-4

Feature Comics #27-37 1st Dollman

Fight Comics #5,30,31 & 32,37

Fight Against Ccrime 11-19, (20 I will pay the most for this book up to 7x Guide!)

Fighting Yank #1-3,6,8,10,11,13, 23.

First love illo. 3,13,35,36

Flash Comics #1-104

Funnies #45 1st Phantasmo

Funnies #57 1st Captain Midnight

Funny Pages Vol.1/6,2/10,3/7,4/1,35-42

Gangsters can't win 2

Great Comics #3 willing to pay 3x guide!
Haunted Thrills All Headline 8paying 2x guide in any grade

Heroic Comics #1 1st Hydroman

High School romance 10,,32

Hit Comics #1-7,25

Horrific all paying 4x Guide for#3

Human Torch #1-38

Jackpot 4 Journey into unknown worlds 21 Jumbo 1-167 Jungle1-101

Keen Detective Funnies All

Kerry Drake 10 Law Crime 1-3 Law Breakers Suspense 11,12 Yes, I can and will pay more for these books Life story 36 ,39

Little Dot #1 Paying over guide for this one too

Lovelorn 21 Love Classics 2 Lucky 7 comics Marines in Battle 2

Marvel Mystery #1-92

Manhunt 1,2 3,6,14 Mask 1,2 Menace 1-12

Mens Adventures #14,21,27 & 28

Mister Mystery 6-18 I will pay from 1-5x guide depending on the issue

More Fun #52- 76,101 nuff' said

Muggsy Mouse2 Mysterious Adventures 1-23 Mystery comics 1-4

National Comics #1-10 low grade, cheap.

Out of the Shadows 8 Hey, does any one want to sell me a copy for well over guide?

Pep Comics #1 ,17,22,34

Perfect Crime 28,30 Pictoral Romances 1-24 Pocket 1-4 I will pay 2-5x guide in any grade

Police Comics #1,8,11

Prize Comics #2 ,7,13,37

Punch #9,10,12

Rangers #21 1st Firehair

Realistic Romance 16 Real LIfe 3 Name your grade and price Reform School Girl Romantic Adventures 50 Romantic Love 6 Any Romance comic that's pre-code esp. RFox and st.john titles Scoop 2 Secret Loves5

Sensation Comics #1-100

Seven Seas 3-6 Shadow 38,42,75

Shocking Mystery Cases #50 &51 cover

Silver Streak #6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 12 , 14 , 18 Daredevil

Smash Comics #14 - 21 Ray

Speed Comics #14-16 I will pay up to 6x guide

Startling Comics #10-13,15-18,21,35,37

Startling Terror Tales #11 spider cvr.

Strange Suspense Stories 19 Strange Terror 4

Submariner #1-42

Super Mystery 6/3

Target Comics #10 1st Target

Teenage Romances 1-45 Teenage Temtations 1-20 Thing 5,7,9,12-15 This Mag is Haunted 1-25

Thrilling Comics #1-52

Thrilling Crime Cases 49 Tomb of Terror 15

Top Notch #9 1st Black Hood

Torchy 1-6 Tormented 1,2 Tresure Comics 324 page prize book True Life Secrets 23 True Love Pictorial 1-11 Underworld Crime 7 USA 1-17 Voodoo all Wanted 13,14,18,3949,50,52 War comics 11 War fury 1-4 War Report 2 War time Romances1-20 War victory 2,3 Web of Evil 5 Weird Chills 1-3 weird Horrors 6,7 Weird Mysteries 1-12 1-5X GUIDE Weird Tales of the Future 2,3,5,7,8 Weird Terror 1-13 Witchcraft 5 Witches Tales 25 Wham 1,2 Whirl wInd 1-3 Witty 1,2 Woman in Love 1-4

Wonderworld #3 -32

Wonder Woman #1-105

Worlds of Fear 2-10 World War III 1

Young Men #24 -- 28

Zip Comics #1,9,17,20,27,34


I am look for any book that is illustrated or has artwork by the artists I have listed as well as MANY others.

Also, magazines and pulps such as the ones I have listed.


I am interested in pre 1950's Buck Rogers items, mainly the tin guns, tin wind-up ships, and most of the premiums.

I am also interest in items such as the ones I have listed.