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Please feel free to *EMAIL* me for more information on sizes, condition, etc.

Time payments are available on all of the items for sale. Please CLICK HERE to find out more information about this offer.

This page has been updated as of 1/09/07

Here are some pieces out of my PERSONAL collection that I have for sale or trade. I will consider any offer above the 'Best Offer' value. So please feel free to contact me and let's discuss a deal.

Here are my PRIMARY WANTS:
Frank Miller- Dark Knight, Wolverine Mini-series, DareDevil, any covers, almost anything
Brian Bolland Killing Joke, and most any covers
Byrne X-Men, any covers
Perez covers/splashes pre-'90
Marshall Rogers art from Detective #475 & 476
Neal Adams Batman 251 art, any covers
Dave Gibbons Watchmen, certain pgs
David Lloyd V for Vendetta, certain pgs
McFarlane Spiderman, Bat/Year 2, any covers, almost anything(except pre-Hulk)
ANY EC covers/complete stories
ANY Schomburg Golden age cover artwork
ANY Lou Fine Golden Age art
Vintage comic covers, 25cent and earlier
A few other artists I am interested in "HIGHER-END" pieces from are: Romita Sr/Jr, Eisner, Kirby, Everett, Colan, Ditko, Heath, Kubert, Frazetta, Buscema(s), Starlin, Swan, Cardy, Gil Kane, Kaluta, Wrightson, BWS, Jones, Wood, Mignola, Layton, Zeck, etc!