This is my standard time payment plan and conditions of sale pertaining to it:

1. 3 equal payments with the last having the shipping charges over a 60 day period.

2. 1st payment is to be paid immediately upon agreeing to price and terms. The remaining 2 payments will be spaced 30 days apart over the course of 60 days, from the date of agreement.

3. If either the second or third payment is going to be late for some reason, please get in contact with me before that time, so we can discuss it. I am very easy going, and as long as "we" work out the arrangements, accomodations can be made.

4. I like to keep the payments to 60 days total(but this can be modified depending on the amount involved.)

5. In the unlikely event that I have not received the entire amount after 30 days past the final due date(unless other arrangements are made), all monies paid towards the total purchase price up to that point will be forfeited. In conjunction with this, I will retain 100% ownership of the item(s).

6. Most importantly - Any and All monies paid in towards this agreement will not be refunded under any circumstance. Please be absolutely certain before agreeing to a deal. Thank You

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or would like more information.